Meet the Staff

Helen Poddoubnyi President & CEO

Inmovado (Elevado)SA
Ave Barbasquillo
Departmento 501
Lajolla Manta, Ecuador
Tel : (760) 945 9388 San Diego, Ca
Tel : 593 5 261 1213 Manta Land Line

Cell Manta 08  480 3878

Fax 1 858 225 0263

helenHelen Poddoubnyi is owner responsible for the oversight of daily operations of Inmobilaria  Inmovado S.A., an Ecuadorean Real Estate Co serving the local and International community. Having had a presence since the early 2000’s and being the first american in Manta , Helen Poddoubnyi. is CEO of “Inmovado “and overseas administration, marketing, and property management training of all sales agents at Inmovado S.A.
With a well seasoned background of 37 years in business and a Business Degree she comes highly experienced in the field. Helen has remarkable credentials that are the result of the heavy lifting that accompanies leadership of building housing developments and selling real estate stateside and abroad.
Aside from Helen’s tireless work ethic in her professional life, her personal passion propels her to invest communally in ways that add value to organizations like “The Greater Vista Fire Safe Council” as President of the Board and “Fallbrook Citizens Crime Commission” . With a seasoned career of success and experience , she views every experience as a “teachable series of moments” for herself and others with built in opportunities for growth that accelerate all toward their personal goals. A life-long student of success and failure observing and learning from those she works, lives and socializes with, Helen is committed to achieving personal excellence for herself and those within her circle of influence. Helen is a proven authority on sales, leadership, and management of high performance teams during growth and contracted business cycles.
Helen Poddoubnyi is a native of Chicago, IL and has been CEO of Companies stretching as far as San Diego California and Manta Ecuador. Helen currently resides between San Diego and Manta, Ecuador with her husband Alexander and 6 children, one living at home. When she is not busy working in sales or the non-profit sector, she can be found in her Civic Duties : President of The Greater Vista Fire Safe Council or raising money as Chair of fundraisers to The Fallbrook Crime Prevention Committee. She loves to sing and is a soloist at Christ The King Lutheran Chuch , (a membership of 2000 people )and sings in the choir as well. She is also a huge participant of The First Ukranian Baptist Church of Hemet where she also helps care for her elderly mother . She divides her time between Manta, Ecuador and San Diego California and soon to be a permanent resident of Manta, Ecuador. One of her goals in Manta is to start a church for expats.

Ma Fernanda Carrasco de Arteaga


Fernanda was born in Cuenca, Ecuador and now resides with her husband and 2 children in Manta Ecuador. She spent a year as a foreign exchange student and later lived in Madison Wisconsin where her husband attended the University. This experience prepared her for work with the International Community. Her command of the English language is fluent as is Juan Pablos. Fernanda is a a devoted mother and member of “The Manabi Coast Board of Realtors” Fernanda is also the mother of two very active children, Raphaela and Juan Pablo Jr. When Fernanda is not busy running her business or working with clients, she spends her evenings and weekends with her family at home, on the beach, or going from one sport to another such as sailing. She says her greatest worldly inspiration is from other women who have succeeded in making a difference at work, at home and in the community. Fernanda’s hope is to continue to be an example to many young women, that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and the foresight to grow and change with times and of course above all, Faith.

NASA uses satellite data to map Virginia vineyards

Department of Agriculture Virginia vineyards get mapped with help of NASA satellite

Virginia vineyards are getting the once over from space as NASA and the Virginia Wine Board partner to explore the potential of the state’s growing wine industry.

NASA used its Landsat 8 satellite to help create digitized maps of about 250 commercial vineyards, providing more accurate information on the number and size of operations and offering vintners useful information on if and where they should plant next.

NASA helping Virginia wineries Joe Fudge / Daily Press

NASA uses satellite data to help Virginia wineries. Williamsburg Winery uses the data from NASA’s satellite imagery to create digitized maps of vineyards. Patrick Duffeler Jr. President and CEO of Williamsburg Winery checks over grape vines.

NASA uses satellite cheap nfl jerseys data to help Virginia wineries. Williamsburg Winery uses the data from NASA’s satellite imagery to create digitized maps of vineyards. Patrick Duffeler Jr. President and CEO of Williamsburg Winery checks over grape vines. (Joe Fudge / Daily Press)

“The state sees the demand for Virginia wines is growing faster than the actual acreage of Virginia (vineyards),” said Kenton Ross, a science adviser at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton. Department of Agriculture collected that data in Virginia until stopping in 2009. Since then, the Virginia Wine Board has relied on self reporting by individual wineries and vintners.

The maps were generated as part of NASA Langley’s DEVELOP program, an agencywide effort to find practical uses for its Earth observations and scientific expertise. The program is under NASA’s Applied Sciences Program, and its national office is at the Hampton center.

In Virginia, DEVELOP partners with the Secretary of Technology’s office to leverage NASA know how.

David E. Bowles, NASA Langley’s new director, calls the partnership a “great example of using data we gather from space to benefit people here on our own planet.”

And Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in a statement last week that it’s “a great way to maximize our resources and ensure Virginia is at the forefront of 21st century science and innovation.”

At The Williamsburg Winery, president and CEO Patrick Duffeler II calls the technology a “wonderful tool for us.”

“We use overhead imagery in our planning,” Duffeler said. “We didn’t use to, and we had access to the first images and were absolutely amazed at what we saw. One vineyard in particular our five acre block of merlot has in essence what amounts to be three wholesale jerseys stripes running through it which you could not discern from the ground but which you can see in overhead photography.

“And ultimately the development of the vine is very, very different based on the underlying soil patterns,” he said. “The overhead photography has enabled cheap jerseys us to identify what in essence are three different parcels within one vineyard, and allows us to treat those rows very differently. And with that, we’re able to maximize not only quality but quantity.”

The wine industry is big business in Virginia, and getting bigger.

In 1979, the state had only six wineries and 286 acres devoted to growing wine grapes. Today, there are more than 300 commercial and noncommercial wineries and 3,500 acres in production. Now Virginia ranks as the fifth largest producer of wine grapes in the country, according to the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The economic impact is hefty, too: The wine industry contributes about $750 million a year to Virginia’s economy and supports nearly 4,800 jobs.

“One of the greatest challenges facing Virginia’s world class wine industry is the need to plant more grapevines so that fruit production can stay ahead of wine sales, which have reached record high levels over each of the last six years,” Todd Haymore, secretary of agriculture and forestry, said last week.

The wine board says Virginia’s climate and landscape provide countless sites well suited to vineyards. Six of the country’s 187 American Viticultural Areas are in Virginia: the Eastern Shore, Monticello, Northern Neck, North Fork of Roanoke, Rocky Knob and Shenandoah Valley. A viticultural area is a grape growing region whose geographic features influence the wines it produces.

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