Meet the Staff

Helen Poddoubnyi President & CEO

Inmovado (Elevado)SA
Ave Barbasquillo
Departmento 501
Lajolla Manta, Ecuador
Tel : (760) 945 9388 San Diego, Ca
Tel : 593 5 261 1213 Manta Land Line

Cell Manta 08  480 3878

Fax 1 858 225 0263

helenHelen Poddoubnyi is owner responsible for the oversight of daily operations of Inmobilaria  Inmovado S.A., an Ecuadorean Real Estate Co serving the local and International community. Having had a presence since the early 2000’s and being the first american in Manta , Helen Poddoubnyi. is CEO of “Inmovado “and overseas administration, marketing, and property management training of all sales agents at Inmovado S.A.
With a well seasoned background of 37 years in business and a Business Degree she comes highly experienced in the field. Helen has remarkable credentials that are the result of the heavy lifting that accompanies leadership of building housing developments and selling real estate stateside and abroad.
Aside from Helen’s tireless work ethic in her professional life, her personal passion propels her to invest communally in ways that add value to organizations like “The Greater Vista Fire Safe Council” as President of the Board and “Fallbrook Citizens Crime Commission” . With a seasoned career of success and experience , she views every experience as a “teachable series of moments” for herself and others with built in opportunities for growth that accelerate all toward their personal goals. A life-long student of success and failure observing and learning from those she works, lives and socializes with, Helen is committed to achieving personal excellence for herself and those within her circle of influence. Helen is a proven authority on sales, leadership, and management of high performance teams during growth and contracted business cycles.
Helen Poddoubnyi is a native of Chicago, IL and has been CEO of Companies stretching as far as San Diego California and Manta Ecuador. Helen currently resides between San Diego and Manta, Ecuador with her husband Alexander and 6 children, one living at home. When she is not busy working in sales or the non-profit sector, she can be found in her Civic Duties : President of The Greater Vista Fire Safe Council or raising money as Chair of fundraisers to The Fallbrook Crime Prevention Committee. She loves to sing and is a soloist at Christ The King Lutheran Chuch , (a membership of 2000 people )and sings in the choir as well. She is also a huge participant of The First Ukranian Baptist Church of Hemet where she also helps care for her elderly mother . She divides her time between Manta, Ecuador and San Diego California and soon to be a permanent resident of Manta, Ecuador. One of her goals in Manta is to start a church for expats.

Ma Fernanda Carrasco de Arteaga


Fernanda was born in Cuenca, Ecuador and now resides with her husband and 2 children in Manta Ecuador. She spent a year as a foreign exchange student and later lived in Madison Wisconsin where her husband attended the University. This experience prepared her for work with the International Community. Her command of the English language is fluent as is Juan Pablos. Fernanda is a a devoted mother and member of “The Manabi Coast Board of Realtors” Fernanda is also the mother of two very active children, Raphaela and Juan Pablo Jr. When Fernanda is not busy running her business or working with clients, she spends her evenings and weekends with her family at home, on the beach, or going from one sport to another such as sailing. She says her greatest worldly inspiration is from other women who have succeeded in making a difference at work, at home and in the community. Fernanda’s hope is to continue to be an example to many young women, that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and the foresight to grow and change with times and of course above all, Faith.

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