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Manta It is the most important port city in the Province of Manabí and the one having the greater economy growth. It is the fastest growing city in Ecuador . Manta boasts of it’s affordable oceanfront property with pristine beaches.

In Manta are located the beaches of Tarqui and El Murcielago that receive great tourism affluence because of the good hotel infrastructure. Some places near to Manta are Jaramijó, Punta Blanca, San Mateo and Montecristi.

Population: 300,000 spread out over a large area

Manta, TUNA capital of the world, is an open door for planned development, based on the potentials of the area like fishing, tourism, and realestate.

Ecuador is the most economically stable country in S.A. where cash is king. Manta is the fastest growing city in Ecuador located within a microclimate with a population of about 300,000 people.

The United states Government has invested 80 million dollars to develope the local airport in Manta enabling the worlds largest aircraft to land here. Manta in partnership with the US governement’s goal is to set a model and standard for the rest of South America.

Manta has 6 flights pers.a day between Quito and Manta. Continental will have flights non stop in the near future.

MantaManta is now prime for investment where prices are still affordable. The cruiseline industry has signed a contract to bring with them the largest cruiselines in the world. The port is being developed and should be complete within a five year period. This will come to pass within the next 24 months causing a  housing and economical boom.

There are currently 2  casinos,and a Howard Johnson Hotel that recently opened its doors. Manta boasts of many new housing developments and condominium projects. With the Pacific Ocean. there is much oceanfront land available at a reasonable price. The ocean water is always  20 C,66 F  inviting to tourism.

The climate is predominantly dry and pleasant, swept by moderate winds that blow toward the sea. There are only two seasons in Manta determined by the rains that fall between December and March.

Inspite of being located in the middle of the Pacific Fire Belt ,the sizamic activity is low . There are no volcanos around, no record of marine convulsions ,serious floods, slides,hurricanes, or other calamities .Living in manta is a priveledge because blankets or thick coats are not required, almost the entire year we can wear fresh and light attires which  is expressed in the personality of the citizens , in their graceful and informal manner.

Manta has modern hospitals and  supermarket chains, Manta is looking toward South American Integration from it´s port in the Pacific Ocean up to the Brazilian Amazonian River.

Manta has an excellent road system. That connects with the Capital Quito, Guayaquil , and other major cities. Manta is the point where the road of the sun begins

The city has  enough potable water and infra Manta has an excellent road systemt hat connects with the Capital Quito, Guayaquil , and other major cities. Manta is the point where the road of the sun begins structure for present and future development With internet and direct Tv Manta has all  modern conveniences for it´s residents.

Manta and the surrounding towns  boast of it’s affordable oceanfront properties and land. Because of the development of the Port with Hotel’s, duty free shopping centers, and tourism coming Manta and the surrounding communities are an excellent place to invest.

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