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Walk the trail Pacoche Restaurant
Walk the trail Pacoche Restaurant


inks: Ministerio de Turismo
Ecuador Visitor Center
International Living


Coffee Plantation Tours
50.USD per person including lunch
Jose Rodriguez / Maria Ponce

Pelo y piel(Hair,nails,body,face)
Full Body massage 20usd
Facial 20usd
PRINCIPLE: Av.24 y CalleM3 Edif. Fortaleza tras De Supermaxi

Clinica de Cirugia Plastica(Plastic Surgery)
593 5 2924 052/593 5 2925 131
Postal Code: 1305 229
Manta Ecuador


Cotacachi Dental Doctors

About Manta Ecuador

Manta Ecuador – Picture Gallery and information related to Manta Ecuador

Igougo Travel


Curves IntrernationalPlaza del Sol

Direct TV Service Provider / Internet Service Provider

Kentucky Fried Chicken
St Flavio Reyes

Jefferson School

Leonardo da Vinci


CARNAVAL in Ecuador is Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

SEMANA SANTA is the Ecuadorian Easter.

DIA DEL TRABAJO is the Labor Day



25 de Dec.

This is health insurance that is offered thru Travelors Insurance 60$700.00 per yr

Health Insurance

Move to Ecuador


American Airlines

Local Airlines. Quito – Manta – Quito

Rent Car Agency


Surfing, Body Boarding, Scuba Diving

Ocean Freiks

Nautical School

David Hidalgo Proprietor

(593) 93 834 993

Cell:( 593) 99 658

Manta is a paradise in the Ecuadorian coast.

Manta Ecuador CityIt is the jewel of the Manabi coast. This sleepy fishing town will now become the biggest commercial deep water port in Ecuador with Tourism flourishing. Because of its beautiful beaches Manta is the place that tourists flock to so they can have a wonderful and peaceful vacation. The friendly people allow the tourists to enjoy their time and make it feel as this city is like their own home. The city is also a commercial port so you can find a variety of products that come from different places of the world. Homes, land and condos are still at a very affordable price. Manta offers a relaxed atmosphere where the ocean winds blow to meet the shore . One can find a house ranging anywhere from 35,000.00 USD to $3,000,000.00 USD
This city offers a great variety of typical foods of the region, where seafood is the main course in any restaurant in this city. Many excellent “mom and pop” restaurants offer a truly savory coastal meal . For example Ceviche which is a cold soup of shrimp or claims mixed together with onions and a little bit of lime makes this delicious dish a little different and tasty. There many other dishes like Chupe de Pescado which is a hot fish chowder prepared with the catch of the day. Particularly tasty is the Camotillo fish. . It is a mild tasting fish likened to our sunfish but a larger species deep fried (The whole fish) in oil . All these exquisite dishes are offered at very economical prices up to $7.00 a meal. You can be sure that you will want to come back again.
Manta also has wonderful international cuisine restaurants.

Manta Ecuador City
On Manta’s beaches, tourists with high adrenalin can practice surfing, as the waves roll in perfectly. The weather is temperate, and refreshing, not to hot and not to cold. Not all beaches offer the best surfing conditions, so check with the locals to see where they are breaking the best. kite surfing, sailing, optimist, etc.
Some interesting tourist places around the city include:Visiting a coffee Plantation. Have lunch with the owner and take some coffee home., surfing, scuba diving, fishing ,boating,kite surfing.

Manta Ecuador CityMuseo del Banco Central is a Museum downtown Manta where you can find all the information about the culture of Manta and the history as well.
Playa Murcielago, is a gorgeous beach made up of restaurants, craft’s markets, recreational areas, sports, bars and other places for the entertainment and relaxation. Near this beach are located the main banks, hotels and the commercial areas of the city.

One can hire a maid for 7.00 USD per day or a driver for $200.00 per month. Quito and Guayaquil are the 2 major cities closest to Manta.
Manta Ecuador City
With plans in the works for Manta becoming an International airport in the very near future Manta will increase in population very quickly. As we watch the future baby boomers flocking here to buy real estate while it is still reasonable one cannot help but wonder if Manta will become the melting pot of Ecuador.
South of Manta about 20 minutes will become the final construction place for the new oil refinery that will be built. Providing 10,000 jobs will certainly give Manta a boost economically and feed many families.

If one is planning to move here they can apply for an investors visa and bring 7500 LBS or a 3 bedroom house full of furniture for about $8000.00 without having to pay taxes on the container brought in. There is plenty of cheap labor here to help out and any English speaking licensed realtor will be glad to provide one with all information needed on how to find that help.

Medical visits are about 25.00 UDS -$30.00USD. One can have a Dental bridge put in For around 600.00USD.

Antibiotics and many other prescription medicines are very reasonable. For example Lyrica that costs 75.00USD in California costs 30.00 here for a 30 day supply.

One can get a wonderful professional massage close by at the Pelo y Peil with all modern conveniences for 25.00 USD, a facial for 20.00 USD and for 80.00 USD you can do the works, body massage and facial, hair, manicure and pedicure. So ladies look out. You are in for a treat. So feel good ladies in that you will have all of the comforts of home.

Manta Ecuador City

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