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Oscar de la Renta presents a collection that finds a perfect fit on Park Avenue On Park Avenue in New York City on Wednesday,Custom bobbleheads 35, master couturier, Oscar de la Renta presented a collection that was simply opulent. With over 45 years as a designer he is no stranger to luxury and de la Renta piled beautiful textures,Custom bobbleheads, patterns,bobbleheads 29, and colors for New York Fashion Week. Dominican born Oscar de la Renta is never trendy, but somehow always finds his place... More


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$230,000.00 usd 130 square meters (1,400 square feet). 2 bedroom 3 bath It is on the third floor (street side), 8th floor from the beach side, two bedrooms, living- dining room, kitchen, maids room (converted to a pantry), three full baths, and a two piece washroom, a good size balcony with view of the beach. Parking space 2 blocks from here. Included... More


MLS # 4022 Manta Penthouse Apartment 2 Blks From Beach Sale or Rent

Rental: $3000.00 /mo


MLS # 10056 Puerto Cayo Lot

Price: $60,000 USD  600 m2 131 feet  beachfront x 49 feet depth. Lot is 6458 sq feet


MLS #4027 Riva di Mare Condo Development

Ammenities: 1. The boutique hotel will be a separate building in the same complex as the condos. 2. They are still deciding if they should do a building filtration or separate. Will let you know asap. 3. Completion date May 2017. 4. Location is in upper end of town off Barbasquilla. Condos Are high end. There are 2 penthouses. 5. Ammenities... More


MLS #4026 2 Bedroom/2 Baths

$75,000.00 USD 1 Parking Space