Rental # 9051 1 Bedroom oceanfront condo furnished

Available 800 Sq Ft 1 Bedroom Condominium Furnished all inclusive including internet and cable. 600.00 usd /mo long term Ammenities *Large pool *Hot tub *Tennis court *Underground parking *Sauna (TBC Dec 2014) *Gym (TBC Dec 2014) *Recreation room(TBC Dec 2014) *Private beach (TBC Dec 2014) *24 Hr live security gated community) *Gardens Walking distance to …

MLS 3062 Condo -Hotel Developement

listadepreciosdedptos.disponiblesSize: 75-190m2 *1 Bedroom 72m2/2 bedroom 103-110m2 *1 Parking space per condo included *Bodega extra *Assoc dues 1.25 USD m2 *Condos 92 units Hotel 42 units to include rental management office. Can bepurchased furnished.Long term or short trm rentals *Floors 21 elelepflege Features: *Cargo elevator plus 4 elevators to units *Sprinkler system in parking …

MLS # 3059 3 Bedroom Condo Penthouse

Henrys The condo you are inquiring about is in Manta, Ecuador. Population 320,000 people. Closest hospital is 1 mile.
Airport is 12 minutes.
Estimated age of condo is 15 yrs old. No ammenities. Insurance is purchased separate from association in Ecuador. It will cost about $3-4oo.oo usd for insurance/yr depending on value of furnishings
Property taxes about $300.00/year

MLS # 4025 Off the market Beach House plus 3 Beach Houses Income Property

1800 SM
2.What is land area on other side of road and give details APROX 6500 SM (IT HAS 50 COCONUTS PALM TREES AND BANANA) SWEET WATER AND WELL WATER.)
3.How old are the houses? MADE IN 2006-2007
4.Area under construction of each house?MAIN HOUSE 120 SM / CABINS 72 SM EACH
5.Bedrooms and Baths of each house? MAIN HOUSE 3 ROOMS 4 BATHROOMS / CABINS 3 ROOMS 2 BATHROOMS
6.What is cost to maintain people who live and take care of your property? BASIC SALARY US$320 PLUS LEGAL BENEFIT
7.Taxes per year? US200 APROX
8.Cost of maintenance per month? US$500
9. Cost of electricity,gas, telephone, water, cable,internet per month.ELECTRICITY US$90 / GAS IT DEPENDS..WATER IS FREE, BUT IF YOU REQUIRE TANK-TRUCKS IT COST US$25 EACH 8M OF WHATER

RENTAL # 9058 4 Bedroom Beach House

1800./mo including utilities
There is no wall. In short, we think her asking price is way too high – but then, we don’t sell real estate. Incidentally, our pool is not a wading pool. It is 5 feet deep. It is not a kiddie pool as there is no shallow part, except for the 15 inch lip all around which allows you to sit in the water. Since we bought the house we have installed a dishwasher, and a new refrigerator. The master bedroom now has a new king size bed, as well as a computer with wi-fi and computer desk. In the downstairs we have a water dispenser, a small refrigerator, microwave, kitchen cabinet, table and chairs, drawers in the bedroom and in the bathroom. That shower which was cold water now has warm water. As this is mosquito season which should be over by May, we have enclosed an area under the house with netting. Besides our hot and cold bottom loading water dispenser, we also have reverse osmosis filtered water in the kitchen sink. Should renters rent a car, our Kia will not be here when we are gone, so that there will be room to park a rental. We do have a second car, a little Chinese job that will be here but we are not willing to run the risk of liability to let a renter use it. We are sending a couple more pictures hich reflect some of the changes.

MLS # 4027 Beachhouse

Santa marianita beachouses ronnie developer/Pillar sales
Font Row has 12 lots

$2000.00 reservation to hold. In 30 days 10 % down and buyer will sign contract. Halfway thru project another 60 % down. 20 % upon completion.
1. Potable water ? No . Maybe in future . Truck brings water in.
2. Price $ 115,000.00 usd
3. $2000.00 to reserve.
4. 2 Parking places behind each house
5 If not parking next to house is there a parking lot? Only for condos.
6.Lots: 9 Lots in front row.
c..How big are lots? 240 m2
7. Wood Cabinets in Kitchen
8. Upgrades are possible
9. 9- 12 months build out time.
10. Financing is available
11.How many rows and houses in each row? (- first row, 2- 2nd row, condos in third row.
12.Air conditioning is extra.
13. Specifications list forth coming.


3rd floor avaialble .The floor plan is the same . Price is $88,000.00 usd.

Includes: Garage , Curtains, air conditioning, plates of kitchen “Nardi”, smells for “Baumatic” kitchen extractor.

Not includes: bathroom curtains, mirrors, lamps and bathroom accessories.

you may view the condo at # 3056

MLS # 10029 LAND 1000 HA

JOHN POLITNorth: Commune Sube y Baja in 4740 m course N66-00 E

South: Roberto Pluas 1600 m course S 66-00W 375 m course S25-30E commune Sacachún 3178 m course S66-00W

East: Roberto Pluas Gomez in 1625 m course S25-30 E

West: Commune Sacachun in 2028 m course N22-30W

There are irrigation canals that cross the property. The last price of the owner is 600 USD by hectare

The owner has a total of 4000 hectares that He is willing to sell. You can make an offer